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Crystal Cleaning Is Committed to a Greener Clean

Crystal Cleaning is dedicated to providing more environmentally friendly and effective cleaning services to our customers. We offer complete residential and commercial cleaning services to customers throughout the Baltimore metro area and are always searching for a way to clean greener than before.

When cleaning services use harsh chemicals, those chemicals stay behind in the air and fabrics of your home or business. At Crystal Cleaning, we want to eliminate as many of those harsh chemicals as possible. Our pursuit of a Greener Clean benefits:

  • The people who live and work inside of the buildings we clean
  • Our cleaning crews that use these products every day
  • The local environment and general safety of your building

We use non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning products to protect the health of the people and places in our community.

Every Surface Matters

Crystal Cleaning is equipped to meet all of your cleaning needs. We train our workers in the latest and most in-demand cleaning services to meet the demands of our clientele.

Because we have experience cleaning every interior and exterior surface of residential and commercial buildings, we understand how important it is to clean every surface properly. Green cleaning services are not just for high-touch areas like bathrooms or kitchens but the entire home or business.

Crystal Cleaning applies the same commitment to a Greener Clean with every service we provide. We always take care to find the best cleaning materials and techniques to keep your green cleaning services safe yet effective.

Enjoy a Greener Clean with the following services and more:

How We Provide Our Customers with Green Cleaning Services

Green CleaningCrystal Cleaning employees are all licensed, bonded, and insured to clean your property. We continuously train our employees in new green cleaning services so they can complete the job efficiently and effectively.

Crystal Cleaning uses a variety of green cleaning products and tools to provide the best clean we can. Our team utilizes:

  • Eco-friendly degreasers and cleaners
  • HEPA vacuums
  • Hot extraction processes
  • ULV500 Disinfectant Spray packed with all-natural organic ingredients
We provide our customers with flexible scheduling to meet their cleaning preferences. If you only require one deep clean, we can provide it. However, you can also schedule weekly, biweekly, or monthly appointments to ensure that your property maintains its green clean.

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Crystal Cleaning provides a Greener Clean to properties throughout Baltimore, Anne Arundel, Howard, Carroll, Prince George’s and Harford Counties, and the Baltimore metropolitan area. For more information on our green cleaning mission and what Crystal Cleaning can do for your property, contact us today. To receive your free estimate, call us at 410-379-9979 or fill out our contact form online.